16mm Watch Strap


16mm Handcrafted Leather Watch Straps

We know you’ve found our products due to a love of high quality leather. Our 16mm watch straps will both meet and exceed your expectations with every purchase. 

  • Created to fit traditional watch buckles
  • Specific & bespoke straps designed to suit your custom watch
  • Stylishly ageing leather highlighting those perfect imperfections

Do you or a loved one own a watch holding valuable sentiment yet have it sitting safely tucked away? Why not revive wonderful memories, amazing recollections and a timepiece you’re proud to wear with a 16mm watch strap?

British Sourced Leather

  • Your watch strap is handcrafted using the finest British Sourced Leather
  • Hand dyed using superior vegetable tans
  • Perfect for watch revival 
  • Wonderful as a gift

The Dainty Option

The 16mm watch strap is a beautiful, dainty option available in a myriad of colours.

  • Standard black to the saddle tan leather look
  • Royal blue to mahogany
  • Strap & thread colours the same or in combination
  • You can even request a specific colour not listed here

Your stunning 16mm watch strap withholds its natural beauty long term, looks fantastic and feels wonderful.