Limited Edition - Vodafone Tracker Fob Holders



Elevate Your Car's Style with Our Tracker Holder Keyring

At Coupland Leather, we pride ourselves on offering a range of custom, made-to-order trackers that are sure to impress. You can view our selection of high-end designs here.

Our Vodafone Tracker Fob Holder Keyrings are handcrafted from unique leathers acquired from bespoke one-off jobs. Each one is custom-dyed and no longer available in the UK, making them truly one-of-a-kind pieces.

These Limited Edition Vodafone Tracker holder keyrings are specifically designed for the Vodafone Tracker Fobs and are ready to go. They're crafted from limited availability, high-quality, vegetable-tanned leather and made by hand in North Yorkshire, England.


  • Expertly crafted to fit your Vodafone Car Tracker
  • Handmade from the finest British-sourced leather
  • Made from limited availability, high-quality vegetable-tanned leather
  • Crafted in-house in North Yorkshire to match your style
  • Based on tracker dimensions (55x40x5mm)

Make a Statement

Supercars are the perfect way for drivers to express themselves. To fully embody the beauty and power of your car, it's essential that your accessories match it, and that's where we come in!

Choose from a selection of limited edition leathers, all hand-crafted from high-quality, British-sourced, vegetable-tanned leather.

Ordering is a breeze at Coupland Leather. Simply select your product and check out. If we have extra leather in our stocks, we may be able to accommodate specific requests for threads or personalisation — just let us know!

Don't see a holder that suits your needs? Get in touch with us and we'll design one just for you and your car!