Restoring Your Shoes

With numerous theories the meaning of the above quote, we’re going to share the most discussed. It’s suggested that a person's ability to keep their shoes clean and shiny reflects a motivated and dedicated personality. Whilst the process is straightforward to don a clean outfit each day, the art of the ‘perfect shoe’ requires much work.

At Coupland Leather it’s our job to take a pair of your beloved shoes before injecting them with a new lease of life. We begin by stripping back the protective coating found on your leather shoes, including the existing colour/dye. From here we move to re-dyeing using a similar tone. The application of protective creams ensures shoes remain steadfast whilst polish almost allows reflection! Finally, upon receipt of leather shoe restoration we send you on your way to leave nothing but the very best impression.

Coupland Leather turns old, worn shoes into footwear to be proud of.