In this day and age, major retailers are focusing on the fastest production and the cheapest materials to keep up with the latest fashion trends. In a world of fast fashion where cheap accessories and throw away clothes is the norm, it is easy to overlook high quality long lasting goods from talented crafts people.

At Coupland Leather, we only use high quality vegetable tanned leather sourced from UK tanneries around the country. Each one of our projects is carefully designed by hand before any work is done on the leather to avoid as much wasted materials as possible.

All of the work is hand cut, stamped, dyed and stitched by us. Although two wallets may come from the same template, the natural qualities of the leather allows each piece to have its own unique differences.

Vegetable tanned leather ages beautifully, developing it’s own unique characteristics and personality. Although products may be made the same way, they become individual with time and attention.