Shell Cordovan - Porsche Tracker Holder



Become part of the elite with a Shell Cordovan Porsche Tracker Holder Keyring

At Coupland Leather, we offer a range of custom, made-to-order trackers that are sure to impress. Check out our selection here.

For a unique and luxurious finish, choose from our range of Shell Cordovan colours here. Please note that due to high demand and limited availability of Shell Cordovan, certain colours may have waiting times. Feel free to get in touch with us to find out about current availability.

Our Shell Cordovan Porsche Tracker Fob Holder Keyrings are crafted from British Shell Cordovan leather, which is renowned for its exquisite and desirable qualities. The leather is cut from a very small area of the hide - the hindquarters, generally known as the "shell" - which gives it a deep, luxurious finish.

These exclusive Porsche Tracker Holder Keyrings are specifically designed for the Porsche Tracker Fobs. While we do have some stock, certain colours may require ordering in. The hides we use for our cordovan are of UK origin and tanned in the UK, so they are genuine UK cordovan.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Specially designed new shape Porsche Trackers
  • Hand-crafted from British-sourced Cordovan
  • Made to order to suit your individual style
  • Crafted in-house in North Yorkshire
  • The perfect luxury pouch for your Porsche Tracker Fob

Stand out from the crowd

A Porsche is the perfect car for drivers who want to make a statement. But if you're going to drive a car as beautiful and powerful as this one, it's important that your accessories match it — and that's where we come in!

Choose from a selection of limited Shell Cordovan leathers, all hand-crafted in-house in North Yorkshire.

Ordering is easy at Coupland Leather. Simply select the product and then choose your specific colours and stitching options. Alternatively, get in touch with us to discuss the particular characteristics required for your brand new Porsche Tracker Holder.

Can't find the perfect holder that suits your needs? Get in touch with us and we'll design one that's just right for you and your car!