35mm Stitched Gent's Belt's



Where bespoke met luxury

Experience a heightened aesthetic with a masterfully hand crafted leather belt from Coupland Leather. Our artisanal production guarantees each belt is finely fashioned from premier leather, providing you with an unrivalled level of quality.

Unlike mass-produced alternatives lined with subpar materials, our bespoke belts radiate durability and sophistication, standing as a testament to your commitment to impeccable and traditional style. Each belt is crafted from a single piece of vegetable tanned leather which ages beautifully and gathers a natural patina, rather than cracking and peeling like most chrome tanned leather alternatives.

Transform your hand crafted leather belt from an accessory to a signature item of luxury with a spectrum of deep dyes and vivid hued threads, singularly personalised for you.

  • Hand Crafted from Full Grain British Sourced Leather
  • Made to order to fit your size
  • Crafted in house in North Yorkshire
  • 8 Colours of leather and threads

These UK made hand crafted bespoke leather belts are a gift of timeless elegance and personal touch. Crafted from exquisite leather, it's a statement piece tailored just for them. With a range of colours to choose from, it's a thoughtful gesture that speaks volumes about their style. 

The Perfect Fit

To achieve the perfect fit, we recommend measuring your old belt from the folded leather around the buckle to your most frequently used hole. Armed with these dimensions, we'll custom-design a belt that marries comfort and style, reflecting your individuality effortlessly.

Should our existing options not align with your vision, we invite you to connect with us. Our offerings extend to leather belts up to an impressive 60", and we're proud to introduce screw rivets, allowing you to effortlessly swap and adjust buckles, ensuring one belt can serve countless looks.