Crocodile Print Leather Stamp


Let's make your leather snappy

All of the products Coupland Leather create are from crafted from Cow Leather, unless we’re working on a very specific and bespoke commissioned piece.

Finding quality stamped cow leathers for exotic patterns can be challenging. This has led Coupland Leather to collaborate with graphic designers to create a unique Crocodile Leather Stamp. This gives us the flexibility to use the stamp in-house on our projects, adding a unique level of personalisation to our portfolio.

We cut out sections or the entire project, and using this bespoke stamp, we deboss the pattern permanently into the leather under 5 tonnes of pressure.

The Croc Stamp

 We've created an oversized stamp, measuring approximately 245x175mm, for the primary purpose of individuality. Each time we use the stamp on a project, we change its orientation to create a unique impression, ensuring a distinct pattern unlikely to match anyone else's. The stamp has been specially designed to repeat the pattern on larger projects or to double-stamp smaller ones, providing an even more custom finish.

Project Size Examples

 Small Projects:- Keyrings, Watch Straps, Bracelets, Tracker Holders, Book Marks,

Medium Projects: Wallets, Glasses Cases, Belts, Music Accessories, Pen Cases, Dog Collars,

Large Projects: Notebook Covers, Desk Mats

Extra-Large Projects: Bags*

*Purchasing the debossing for an Extra-Large Project is a deposit. Depending on the size and the complexity of the stamping process, there may be an additional charge. Please feel free to reach out and get an accurate quote for your project.

Please note, the use of the Crocodile Print Stamp may distort the visability of other personalised stamps such as Corporate Debossing Stamps, Temporary Stamps and Debossed Initials.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out on 01642 214010 or email us at