Acoustic Guitar Leather Pickguard



Your Acoustic Acoustic Guitar deserves a Leather Pickguard that not only protects, but looks fantastic

Protect the beautiful wood of your guitar from pick scratches with our meticulously handcrafted and bespoke leather acoustic guitar scratch guards. Each guard is carefully made from high-quality vegetable-tanned leather hand-crafted in house in North Yorkshire, ensuring durability and a natural, timeless appeal.

  • Wide Range of Pickguard Designs
  • Self adhesive backing
  • Hand Crafted from British Sourced Leather
  • Made to order to suit your style
  • Crafted in house in North Yorkshire
  • The perfect leather scratch guard for your acoustic guitar
  • Style One - Suitable for 10cm Soundhole
  • Style Two to Five - Suitable for 10-12cm Soundhole

Stand out on stage

With our bespoke service, you have the opportunity to customise your leather pickguard to suit your personal style. Choose from a range of leather colours and threads to make it truly yours.

  • Chose from 5 Colours of Leather
  • Personalise your scratch guard with our range of personalisation options
  • Hand Crafted from High Quality, British Sourced, Vegetable Tanned Leather
  • Choose from a wide selection of threads for the perfect colour

Ordering is easy at Coupland Leather. Simply select the product before choosing specific colours and stitching options. Alternatively you can get in touch to discuss the particular characteristics required of your brand new Porsche Tracker Holder.

Wanting a different style scratch guard? Get in touch and we an design a leather pickguard to suit your needs!