Apple Watch Strap - 42 & 44 mm Connector


Apple Watch Strap - Compatible with 42mm - 44mm Apple Watch

Our handcrafted leather watch straps are the perfect personalised accessory for your Apple Watch. We use high-quality British-sourced leather and offer a wide choice of colours and threads to suit your personal taste and preference. These watch straps make a thoughtful gift for a loved one, business associate, or a special treat for yourself!

Our custom leather Apple Watch Straps consist of two components: an upper section and a lower section. The upper section is the coloured section of the strap, while the bottom half is crafted from natural vegetable-tanned leather, which remains uncoloured. This allows the strap to conform to your wrist and minimises the risk of the colour transferring onto your skin.

  • Specifically designed for the 42-44mm Apple Watch Face
  • Expertly crafted from locally sourced British leather
  • Made to order to suit your personal style
  • Handcrafted in-house in North Yorkshire
  • Wide variety of colour and thread options available

Whether you wear your watch occasionally or all the time, a Coupland Leather Bespoke Leather Apple Watch strap will always look fantastic. Carefully designed and expertly handcrafted, these Apple Watch straps achieve a perfect finish. The high-quality leather ages gracefully and does not fray like the chrome-tanned leather commonly found in retail stores. This ensures that you can enjoy your watch strap for many years to come.

All watch straps are made to fit a traditional buckle.