Bespoke Leather Apple AirTag Case


Elevate the protection and style of your Apple AirTag with Coupland Leather's meticulously handcrafted sleeves.

This bespoke leather AirTag case has been specifically designed to fit AirTags and made to order, so you can have it in exactly the colour you want. It's made from vegetable tanned leather and hand-crafted in North Yorkshire, England and comes in 8 colours of leather.

  • Specially designed to fit Apple AirTag
  • Hand Crafted from British Sourced Leather
  • Made to order to suit your style
  • Crafted in house in North Yorkshire
  • The perfect pouch for the Apple AirTag

Not Only Protective, But Also Stylish

Craftsmanship takes centre stage as our skilled artisans meticulously create each case with utmost precision and attention to detail. Using only the finest quality leather, our cases display a timeless elegance that complements the sleek design of the Apple AirTag.

  • Chose from 8 Colours of Leather
  • Hand Crafted from High Quality, British Sourced, Vegetable Tanned Leather
  • Choose from a wide selection of threads for the perfect colour
  • Securely fastened with a Screw Rivet, preventing the AirTag from leaving the sleeve

Ordering is easy at Coupland Leather. Simply select the product before choosing specific colours and stitching options. Alternatively you can get in touch to discuss the particular characteristics required of your brand new AirTag Case.