Shell Cordovan Weekender Duffle Bag



Handcrafted with Integrity

Love travelling in sheer style? Coupland Leather’s Duffle Bag is incomparably the piece for you.

  • Presents an impeccable nature 
  • Withstands the elements of travel 
  • Beatifully crafted out of Genuine UK Shell Cordovan Leather

Your handmade duffle bag only ever ages characteristically, accentuating subtle grains acquired through your travels.

Entirely Hand Stitched

  • Created using true leathersmith methods
  • Hand stitched over countless hours using a 1mm waxed thread
  • Built to last a lifetime; the only way to experience a true style epitome

Made to Your Specific Requirements

Our job is to fully comprehend your exact needs.

  • Include a customised pocket to fit your smart device
  • Choose a specially designed shoulder strap to fasten neatly underneath

This handsome duffle bag has substantial amounts of potential for customisation and personalisation. Let’s discuss your ideas in detail.

The eight to twelve week waiting time is certainly worth it and applies to all commissioned pieces. Times may fluctuate depending upon demand.

Please note, prices displayed are specific to items shown. Bespoke requests will be priced accordingly.