Shotgun Magazine Bag



Stand out from the crowd while you’re on the peg with bespoke handcrafted leather cartridge bags.

  • Your leather cartridge bag is made to order
  • Fits up to 300x 12 Gauge Cartridges, one slab plus 2 boxes
  • Solid, Cast Brass Hardware.
  • Built to be abused
  • Re-enforced lid to hold the weight
  • Front and side zipped pockets
  • Shoulder strap which tucks behind the side pockets
  • Hand and machine stitched

Your choice of colours and personalisation.

British Sourced Leather Cartridge Bags

  • Your magazine bag is made from quality sourced British leather
  • Designed using vegetable tanned leather
  • Hand-crafted in-house, in the UK.
  • Choose from an impressive 8 colours of distressed, waxed pullup leather
  • Crafted out of a thick 2.5mm leather for longevity and support.
  • Weighted, so it stays the right way up when empty.
  • Solid brass feet to protect the leather base.
  • Heavy-duty webbing strap, perfect for hanging on pegs.
  • Re-enforced lid for a full bag, using polypropylene and solid brass rods
  • Unique and stylish design and finish to make you stand out

Choose Your Colours

The colour of a new leather shotgun slip is down to your personal choice.

  • Choose the perfect colour of thread
  • Personalise leather with a shade to suit
  • Fully customise your leather cartridge bag with names and lettering
  • Choose your colour options here

Ordering is easy at Coupland Leather. Simply select the product before choosing specific colours and stitching options. Alternatively, you can get in touch to discuss the particular characteristics required of your brand new leather cartridge bag.

Turn around times may vary depending on the current demand on Coupland Leather products. Average turn around on bespoke bags is 12 weeks. Please call on 01642 214010 if you require a faster turn around.

Comes with a free tube of Interflon Fin Super Dry Lube Gun Oil