Coupland - Interflon Fin Super Dry Lubricant


Dissolves rust. Cleans and lubricates. Temperature range: -43°C to 170°. Good protection against corrosion and oxidation. Lubricates 10 times longer than the standard oil.

The versatility of this oil lies in its universal use – the oil cleans, lubricates, preserves and protects against corrosion.

The protection is enhanced against corrosion and oxidation.

Temperature range: -43°C to 170°.

Volume – 50ml

Coupland Interflon Dry Gun Oil

This is a must for all cleaning kits

  • Non-Greasy compared to conventional oils
  • Small, practical packaging for easy handling (50ml)
  • Clean and dry lubrication
  • Dirt does not adhere to the weapon components
  • Stable lubricating film with MicPol® sliding particles
  • Easier to clean contaminants from your weapon
  • User-friendly and replaces several products
  • Product for cleaning, lubrication and anti-corrosion protection
  • Extends the lubrication interval up to 10 times
  • Does not degrade rubber or plastic
  • Dry water-repellent lubrication
  • Strong penetrating effect
  • Dissolves rust
  • Releases components locked together
  • Less friction, less wear and tear
  • Economical – a little lasts a long time
  • Does not permit adhesion of dust and dirt
  • Improves performance and extends service life
  • Universal lubricating oil

Do not apply onto wood.


All-round, highly penetrating oil for cleaning, lubrication and protection of your expensive equipment. Interflon Fin Super leaves a dry lubricating film that does not drip, does not stain, does not attract dust or dirt. Interflon Fin Super reduces friction, wear and tear and contains no chlorinated solvents or silicones. Does not affect rubber and plastic. Provides long-lasting protection against moisture and rust. Ideal for the maintenance of your firearm or shotgun! Of course also suitable for other applications such as your fishing equipment, bicycle, locks, etc.

Instruction for using Interflon Fin Super Dry Lube

  1. Shake the product
  2. Apply on a cleaned firearm and leave for 10 minutes
  3. Then wipe off all oil dry lubrication with MicPol®.
With subsequent applications, it is no longer necessary to use a cleaner - Interflon Fin Super Dry Lube cleans itself and sheds any dust or contaminants since they no longer stick.